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Previous Events

Isle of Man Media Broadcast Cluster launches at IBC. View Press Release here.
Find out how playout services from the Isle of Man can benefit your media business.
 Watch again: SES Launch Event at the Motor Museum in Jurby.

Upcoming Events

Find us at MIPCOM in Cannes this October. We are hosting a private reception for TV ventures and VC’s. Email to request an invitation.
Celtic Media Festival attracts famous faces to Manx shores. Read more.
The Celtic Media Festival is coming to the Isle of Man. Register now.

Isle of Media Board Members

Dr. Richard Arning

Acting Chairman – Isle of Media

Director – SES Satellite Leasing Ltd

Stuart Semark

Acting CEO – Isle of Media

Director – Beckmann Visual Publishing Ltd

Dave Beynon

Director – Isle of Media

Director – Greenlight International Ltd

Peter Duke

Director – Isle of Media

Managing Director – Duke Marketing Ltd

Simon Kelly

Director – Isle of Media

Director –  Dixcart (IOM) Management Ltd

Our Objectives

1        To act as a ‘Business Development Agency’ to support the development and growth of the Isle of Man’s ‘Digital Media Sector’ involved in the television and video value chain:

1.1       from content and format production for all types of television and video formats including also film, games, animation, virtual and augmented reality,

1.2        content aggregation,

1.3        content management,

1.4        commercial, electronic and physical distribution in all forms like for instance licensing, broadcasting, streaming, Video On Demand, DVD sales,

1.5        display, financing, incubating, consulting and promotion of video and television,

1.6        and related activities,

by the means of for instance but not limited to:

1.7        on- and off-island marketing,

1.8        education,

1.9        consulting,

1.10        participation in definition of public sector policy and

1.11        general participative and advisory  activities which support the development of the sector and its revenue, taxation and employment capabilities;

2.        to act as an ‘Association’ for the representation and benefit of the Company’s membership and the wider Isle of Man economy and society.

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