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Isle of Media visit to Israel results in commitment to establish corporate headquarters for new Social Media Platform on the Isle of Man

Isle of Media visit to Israel results in commitment to establish  HQ on the Isle of Man.Stuart Semark, Co-Founder and Co-Owner and Joanna White, Marketing Director of Isle of Media, the government supported business development agency, have recently returned from a four day trip to Israel where they met with a group of Israeli entrepreneurs interested in basing businesses on the Island.

Stuart Semark:

“The focus of our visit was meeting Ronny Shany, owner of High 4k and the new Social Media Platform Suchapp.”

“I first made contact with High 4k, Ronny’s company whilst working as a consultant to the DED around 2 years ago. The first conversations were focused on the possibility of basing the companies TV production company on the island but in the end it didn’t prove practical to move the operation from Hong Kong. We did however keep in contact and when the new Suchapp project became a reality we started looking at the feasibility of establishing the new business on the island.”

Ronny Shany:

“My companies have offices in Hong Kong and New York with the product development of Suchapp currently in Ukraine where we employ fifty people, so we are very much a company with an international perspective.”

“Over the last two years Stuart and I have looked at several opportunities for basing a business on the island but when we started the development process for Suchapp I always had in mind that we could base this business on the island.”

“I have recently formed a company on the island to handle one part of the Suchapp project, the SP Coin. This is a crypto currency which will be offered as an incentive to people forming social groups on Suchapp.”

“The Suchapp platform is a real technical evolution of the current Whatsapp service that not only offers many innovative facilities including, the ability to hold four way video conferencing but many other unique offerings which are currently under wraps.”

“We have nearly completed the development phase of the platform with Beta testing of the App scheduled for late January. We are now looking to establish a long term European base for the project which initially would employ around fifty people on the island with the numbers growing as the project develops.”

Isle of Media visit to Israel results in commitment to establish  HQ on the Isle of Man.

Stuart Semark:

“This is arguably the most exciting opportunity I have generated since working with and for government not just in terms of immediate job opportunities but I genuinely believe securing a major project from Israel would both inform and give confidence to other local companies to consider the island.”

“In addition establishing a social media platform on the island would open the door to other similar businesses all of whom would employ significant numbers of young educated people which is exactly what the island needs to address the major costs of an ageing population.”

Jo White:

“The genuine interest in the Isle of Man we found among Ronny’s friends in Caesarea, one of the most exclusive areas in Israel, was very surprising and quite unlike anything I have experienced before.”

“It’s quite clear this is something we can build on in the future thanks to our friendship with Ronny and his network of friends and colleagues who own some of the world’s largest corporations.”

“Interestingly, project funding seems to be readily available for exciting projects in Israel unlike the situation in the UK where many exciting ideas founder through lack of backing. The surprising thing was that no one we met knew anything about the island, not even the TT races and certainly not the financial advantages and grants available. The key to growing this awareness would be to attract a few businesses and build on that as every person we met had a network of friends and contacts they were prepared to introduce us to in the future.”

The Suchapp team are planning a visit to the Island early in the new year to discuss locating the project on the island with the Department of Enterprise.

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